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I just went to burn a CD in my burner and noticed that it wasn't being recognized by my computer. Subsequent searching discovered that neither of my DVD drives are showing up under 'my computer'. I went into the device manager and there is a little exclamation point beside both of my DVD drives? I uninstalled both devices through the manager and restarted my computer with no luck. I also made sure the IDE cable is firmly planted. Any help would be great, thanks.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it was working at one point but now is not visible, you may have this problem:

Missing CDROM drives after uninstalling Nero

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
More than likely an IDE driver issue.  I had a similar one.  who made your computer and/or motherboard?  You may need to go to the manufacturer's web site and download their chipset drivers to get things working.
bigfishkingAuthor Commented:
It's not a new build. Both DVD drives were working last week when I used them.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Try reinstalling the drivers then.  Could be it got corrupt.  Also, verify that your cables aren't loose inside the computer.  Check to ensure your BIOS didn't somehow get set to disable one controller (I assume the optical drives were both on the same controller?).  Also, though not lately, I have seen a controller die on the system.  If you can, try putting a hard drive on that controller and see if it's recognized.  Also, what does BIOS autodetect detect the drives as?  Anything?  (Not all BIOS will detect it, but most of the newer ones should).
Check the BIOS settings-- you may have somehow accidently disabled one of the IDE channels, where your drives are connected to.
Try deleting them in SafeMode and see if that helps. If more than one listing per drive, delete all of them.
Any other yellow marks in DeviceManager?
Double-click on the device with the exclamation mark, you should see an error there. If both devices are visible in device manager, one as master, one as slave (you should see this too when double-clicking on the drive, "Location 0(0)" or something like that - should be different).
If this is the case, then the drives are already jumpered correctly. Then it should be a matter of drivers, cable/socket or hardware error.

You can try installing the chipset drivers, won't harm to update them anyway;
then try replacing cable, if you have a spare one;
and you can try removing the power for 1 of the 2 drives, boot, then plug back in and remove power for other drive, then boot. If one device doesn't work, test it on another cable - still doesnt work -> broken.
Did you have Roxio's EZCD installed at one time?  Did you uninstall it or update to SP2?  If so, try uninstalling the software.  Then download and run this.


Reinstall the software.  Note - can't use EZCD 4 with XP, EZCD 5 not compatible with SP2.
Test the drive on another system, or test another drive on this system, to determine where the fault lies. It can be anything, from a bad drive, to a bad connector or IDE cable, to a power cable.
try this

Recover Lost CD Roms


Delete any upper filters


This should work, if it doesn't then remove any lower filters

dont remember exactly where i got this i have my own database of fixes i have used.
I was going to post that above, 99% of the time if your drives are ! like that then it's that upper and lower filter settings.

Here's the page case you want it again Kata

I see no one looks at my links anymore - waaah....
bigfishkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks Callandor! I look at your links!! I just finished editing the registry and worked like a charm.
Glad I could help!
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