EM_SETTEXTEX is working fine on one computer but doesnt work on another...
How can I find cause of the problem?
SendMessage() return 0
GetLastError() return 0
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cureroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. %SYSTEM% folder ( Ex: C:\Windows\System32), search riched20.dll;
version of a binary file: 'Properties' in windows explorer, the version tab; my riched20.dll: "Description:   Rich Text Edit Control, v3.0"

2. WinME has "riched20.dll" installed natively; I reallly think you have other problem (but verify that the richedit20.dll is there): WinME is multi-byte, XP is Unicode (NT-based); please give more informations: ( some code eventually)
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Which operating systems. Although min is Win95, it is required to have RichEdit 3.0 installed.
serg111Author Commented:
It is Win ME that cause an error
How can I make sure that RichEdit installed?
The Edit control is actually created but doesn't show output
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EM_SETTEXTEX   message is only applicable for Richedit 3.0 or higher - so to know the version on ur computer
Open richedit.h file in an editor -  It will be showing the number for richedit control version no.
It will be their in ur include folder in VIsual studio installed folder
serg111Author Commented:
Yes, it is 3.0 on my computer's richedit.h
But computer where it is not working doesn't have richedit.h and Visual studio installed
serg111Author Commented:
You are right! Somehow there was and old version of dll ...
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