Installing Linux version of Oracle 9i on Sun Solaris 9

I have justed installed Solaris 9 intel version. I am wondering whether the Oracle 9i disc for Linux that I have will install [somehow] on Solaris. Is that possible or are there work rounds to make it so?
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmmm....the date I'm finding on "lxrun" documents, notably, is over 2 years old. They list a fairly short number of applications with which they have tested it and it works.

Oracle is not a lightweight app. Its both system-resource-intensive and complex. It *might* run under lxrun, but I would not bet any money on it, and neither the Sun nor Oracle support organizations are going to touch that sort of config.

Why not simply trade your Oracle 9i for Linux license for a Oracle 9i for Solaris license?
rl_martonAuthor Commented:
That should be disc's btw. I will have to start proof reading my posts a little more carefully.
Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: Linux and Solaris have different kernels and different OS architectures. The fact that they both run on Intel hardware is not relevant.
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rl_martonAuthor Commented:
Hmm not too sure. What about Lxrun?
rl_martonAuthor Commented:
"It *might* run under lxrun, but I would not bet any money on it". Agreed, neither would I. Well not anything more than pennies.

Re licenses: I get it free under an eductional devlopment scheme BUT it's a monster download and I don't have Broadband anymore. Sadly.
Agreed with PsiCop, the Linux version will not run on Solaris x86, end of the story.

For Educationyou might be able to get a free copy of Oracle CD for Solaris x 86, if
you order the media kit from Sun, I work for Uni. and I've  got one a few years ago.
give Sun a call to see if the Oracle CD  still ship as the "bonus software"

Good luck!
rl_martonAuthor Commented:
They did for 8 but sadly not for 9.

    You can download oracle database ISOs from Oracle website and install it. It's free for testing.

rl_martonAuthor Commented:
see above response please.
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