SAGE Line 100 Migration

Hi Folks,

I have got a project coming up which involves migrating a network of 8 client computers and a Sage server to new kit.

The Sage server is Sage line 100 running on DOS (very old machine)

The clients are all W95/98 and are connected over a BNC token ring network

I'm looking at migrating the whole lot to PCs running XP on CAT5e ethernet.

I have got no problem setting up the network, but as I have never worked with SAGE before I need someone to write a step thru guide on how to get the data off the old machine (what files/solders etc) and getting it running on a newer version of line 100 (which will run on XP) - and what I need to watch our for. Also how I set the clients up.

At the moment I believe that SAGE is backup up onto a remote PCs hard disk( I think it must use a utility in sage ?)

Sorry that this is vague but this is all I know at the moment, and I have got to go to this company and attempt to do this in one fowl swoop next week.

I will award the generous points to the most clear and detailed comments


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moorhouselondonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you are using Novell's Client32 software, custom installed (with IPX).  There is an Advanced button on the Login panel.  Click on this and, to the right of the three fields are three buttons.  Click on the one against the Server label.  After some seconds (Netware looks to see what servers are available), a list will pop up of the available servers.  Click on the one listed, then try logging in.  You will need the Login Name and password for the Server otherwise you will not be able to get into the server.  On Netware 3.12 the default login used to be 'admin' so give that a go.

There seems to not be any free support articles on this product. Since it sounds like your using a licensed copy, you try using the registration number at this link and search for assitance on performing an upgrade. Sorry, but thus far, that is all the hellp I could find for you.
It depends on what version of Line100 you have as to whether it will work on XP.  I have clients using Line100 v5.2 successfully on W2000 with Netware 6 server (I think XP may be a bridge too far - I would recommend W2k as the most uptodate platform you can use reliably).  There will be problems capturing printer ports on XP.  Also the L100 is very picky about the environment it runs in - you need to define SET commands in a bat file which is run to invoke svnmos, or put them in the autoexec (these bat files should exist in the current system, but they will need adjusting to cope with new environment).  Basically the program, data, spool file etc should all be installed under subdirectories of a main sovreign directory, but the company that installed it may have had other ideas. If you xcopy everything into the same drive letters and locations onto the new pc then you should be able to login ok, but copying it anywhere else will mean changing configuration settings which can be a nightmare unless one knows what one is doing.  If this copy of Sovereign has been "amended" by a dealer (extra facilities added) then you will be walking a tightrope without the dealer's assistance. It is not easy to get support from Sage for L100, they will refer you to the dealer who installed the system in the first place.  If any data corruption occurs you will need someone who can rescue it.  Do you have the Manager password?  With this you will have access to all user's profiles.  
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ma77smithAuthor Commented:

The plan has changed but I still need advice -

The server is Line 100 V7.2 running novell 3.12 across a BNC token ring network. I have been told they want to keep the existing server as it is - but update all of the workstations and convert the network media to CAT5e (TCP/IP).

Apparently the server has got 10baseT NIC in the back of it

If I hook the server up to the ethernet, what configuration changes do I have to make to it (to run on tcp/ip) and how do reconfigure the clients to access it.

You will be ok with Netware, but 3.12 is a bit ancient these days (it is now unsupported by Novell) but extremely reliable.  You will need to reconfigure the protocols on the server so that you are using IP (load and bind commands added in the NCF files).  You will need to know what that NIC is so that you can load up the correct driver for it.  The speed of the card may cause a bottleneck if all other cards are 100BaseT.  You might consider putting a new card in the Server, at least you will then have the correct drivers for it.  The Server may be EISA if you are unlucky.  With this you need to 'check-in' items of equipment (from what I remember), in which case you will need to stick with what you have.

Upgrading the pc's may be a problem - if they are W95 I wouldn't try.  W98 you might be able to put W2K on, I wouldn't contemplate XP (W2K is IMHO more stable).  You will need the Client 32 software available on Novell's website.  Do not use the Microsoft Novell Client!!!  Presumably the Login Scripts are all setup, so no need to do anything else.

Ah.  Just thought, you might be using Bindery rather than NDS.  If using bindery you will need to Custom Install Client32.  You need to think also whether you want to have IP only or to use IP with IPX.  Old habits die hard, I still choose this option.  

I think that's about it.  Messing around with the Server will be a worry if you haven't played around with Netware before, but the Netware bunch are very knowledgeable (tip: always refer to it as Netware 3.12 there though!!).
ma77smithAuthor Commented:
Hi folks,

Sorry about the delay in getting back however I have tried a few things and would like a bit more advice before I dish out the points.

The NIC in the back of the server has both bnc and rj45 connections. Today I have plugged the server into a 100baseT ethernet switch and removed the bnc connection - then rebooted the server.

I have installed client for netware and netbeui / netbios on my laptop ready to connect

the netware (v3.12) server is   \\nichpack_s1

I have put this in the preferred server at login however it says it cannot connect to it

although when I login my laptop in and go \\nichpack_s1 I see the 'sys' sage share, when I double click the sys folder to open its contents it asks me for a username and password !! but won't accept anything.

on the netware server is knows my laptop is connected but just says [not logged in]

I feel that I'm close to getting this systems working with ethernet instead of bnc but I'm missing something. Sorry for my lack of netware knowledge (this is my first time)



please can you give me some hints
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