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I am trying to setup an FTP server on my home computer. I am using BulletProofv2.3.1. Once it is up and running, i can connect to it fine from my own computer but nobody else seems to be able to connect to my computer. Also, nobody is able to ping my computer's ip address. I have checked and there isnt any firewalls running in my processes. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how i can solve this problem

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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Most ISP's block popular ports for servers. Try chaning the port your FTP server listens on to something over the 5,000 range...something like 5500. See if anyone can connect then. If somebody cannot ping your public IP address (find out your public IP address here ... ), then either you are running software (typically a firewall) that is discarding PING packets, or your ISP is not allowing PING packets. If that is the case, it should only stop people from pinging you, not from connecting via FTP, assuming the port you are using is not block.

After chaning the port on the server, run a port scan on yourself to see if the port is available to the public. Go to
Choose the "User Specified Custom Port Provbe" button. Enter in 21, 5500 ... and see how if it reports either port open.
Does your ISP allow port 21 for FTP use? I would assume so.
Before you isntalled BulletProof could folks ping your IP?
Are you running a static IP address? Keep in mind that static or not, a lot of ISP's are blocking ICMP protocol, which does the pinging, to prevent discovery tasks by unwanted individuals.

No help, just some questions that might eventually get you there.
Have you setup an anonymous account on the system?
this manual page gives you the steps to create an anonymous acount. Leave the login option unchecked.
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Are you using a router to share your internet connection?
You will need to make sure that it is configured to forward port 21 to the private IP address of your computer.
If you are using Windows XP, you may have the built-in firewall on without even knowing it.

Disabling the XP SP2 Firewall

Disabling the XP Firewall (Pre-SP2)
I'm guessing that you have a broadband connection to the Internet and your IP address is a NAT address (something like  If that's the case, tell your router to forward port 21 to your IP and tell people trying to connect to you to use your public IP (the one your router knows as the WAN address).
tommyboy2214Author Commented:
Hi Guys, thanx for all the suggestions

I guess i should have explained a little more about my topology. I just have a straight broadband connection to the internet through a cable modem. I dont have a router, or anyting. Also, i checked that XP firewall and it is disabled. I will put a call into my ISP to see if maybe they have something to do with it.  Also, when the ftp server is running, i can connnect to it from my own computer by typing in my ipaddress from an ftp client. Just going from my ftp client to my ftp server on same computer. Thanx for all suggestions and any more would be appreciated. I will split up the points to all who helped if i cant get a solution that works.

GazzerHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which IP address are you using to connect from your own computer. Is it the one assigned from the ISP or your internal network.

You will always have problems doing this with just a modem without a router. This is what a router is designed to do. To route packets from one network (the internet) and another network (your LAN). If you want to accomplish this I would recommend you splash out and buy a Router. Netgear RP614 is good. This allows Port Forwarding (21 in FTPs case) and includes a firewall as well.

Not knowing much about Cable Modems not such I presume they have a network interface as such. ie What gateway do you use to access the internet. type:
ipconfig /all
at the command prompt and check out your default gateway.

You may then need to add this into your routing table using:
route add <default gateway address>

Just a few ideas for you to try...
tommyboy2214Author Commented:
thanx everybody for the help,

Tuns out my ISP was blocking PORT 21 so i switched and it worked,

Thank you
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