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Winsock - Get LocalIP for Internet and not LAN

When i call Winsock1.LocalIP it returns the ip address of my computer's ethernet card ( even though im connected to the internet.

How do i get my computers internet ip address using winsock control or any api function - NOT another Control (dont want too many dependencies) ?

How would I know which is the internet IP address.
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kurian2z5Author Commented:
i would prefer to use the winsock control
what do you get form ipconfig /all
kurian2z5Author Commented:
Ethernet Adapter 0 is my internet connection and it shows my internet ip address.
Ethernet Adapter 1 is my Lan card and it shows my Lan ip address.

I need it done automatically so that my program is automated. How does it know which is the internet IP address.
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"This article illustrates how to programmatically retrieve IP configuration information similar to the IPCONFIG.EXE utility. It demonstrates how to use the IP Helper APIs GetNetworkParams() and GetAdaptersInfo() from Visual Basic."

kurian2z5Author Commented:
this is really compicated and i dont want all this code in my program. More over how will I know which is the Internet IP address other than the fact that it is usually a PPP adapter.
kurian2z5Author Commented:
is there any way to do this using the winsock control ?
The client's applications creates socket and assigns to him the random number of TCP/IP port it will work with. But it does not happen at the server machine. The server applications, as a rule, work with the early-defined TCP/IP ports. For example, the number of TCP/IP port for FTP server is 21, and another one for Web server is 80. There is a "global arrangement" for widely used services. It defines the number of ports the clients could send their requests by default.

Protocol Port Description
SMTP    25    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  
POP3    110    Post Office Protocol
NNTP    119    Network News Transfer Protocol
FTP      21       File Transfer Protocol
HTTP    80       Hyper Text Transfer Protocol  

The client starts the network sessions with server via one of the network protocols. The client creates socket and forces it to connect to the remote server. The socket gets the address of server and the number of port to which it has to connect to. As for Winsock control then you should invoke the Connect method. Look at the example below. It shows how to connect to FTP server.

Winsock1.Connect "ftp.microsoft.com", 21

kurian2z5Author Commented:
how do i get the Internet IP address of my computer instead of the Lan ip address using this ?
kurian2z5Author Commented:
I found out how to get the Internet IP using the winsock control.

When you just create a winsock control, the LocalIP property returns the Lan ip address of the computer.

But when you connect to any other computer on the internet using that same winsock control , LocalIP returns the IP address of the adapter through which it connected.

Private Sub Form_Load()

MsgBox Winsock1.LocalIP 'returns Lan IP address
Winsock1.RemoteHost = "experts-exchange.com"
Winsock1.RemotePort = 80

End Sub

Private Sub Winsock1_Connect()

MsgBox Winsock1.LocalIP 'returns Internet IP address

End Sub
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