Javasript in asp

Can I put something like this:  <FORM><INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Go Back"
in a response.write statement?

maybey I am just thinking wrong but I want the button to appear when an if is true.
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nan1217Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can do that.  For instance...

If myvalue=true Then
   Response.Write "<FORM><INPUT TYPE=""BUTTON"" VALUE=""Go Back"" ONCLICK=""history.go(-1)""></FORM>"
end if

Notice that in order to get the quotes to output, you have to escape them with another quote so all of the quotes are doubled up.

dtoloAuthor Commented:
This ends up giving me two back buttons.
dtoloAuthor Commented:
I am sorry.  I am buggin' thanks for your help ;)
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