Pervasive Database over VPN not working

I have an applicaition (Chiro 8000) that is using Pervasive's client/Server database engine. Works perfectly at the main location  Lan.

However, we have a VPN connection to a remote office provided by Road Runner's business class. They provide the VPN hardware and have setup the VPN connection. Pervasive is timing out when trying to connect to the host database at the main location.  Pervasive provides a PCC console which I'm a noob with, but as I understand it, It provides me a way to drill down the local machines client setup, and see the tables located on the server.  At the main location, I can go to any PC on the lan and perform this drilldown and see the tables. But at the remote office, over the VPN, I can't see the tables, it just hangs and times out.

I can ping the host sever by IP, but was having problem my server name.  The client configuration is looking for a drive mapping that points to a shared DB folder on the host. I have a script that client runs to insure they have the same drive mapping. It failed on the remote location since the mapping was trying to use the server name. I think it's a DNS issue. So I modified the drive mapping to use the server's IP, and I now have a working drive mapping.

But even with the Pervasive ODBC now configured to look for the IP address, the PCC still locks up when attempting to view the tables.

I'm unable to contact Pervasive as I'm not the client. And I can't find any info on this in their knowlegde base. Any suggestions?

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mirtheilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pervasive uses OS level security rights by default.
Try the Pervasive System Analyzer from the VPN client.  Select the "Test Active Installation" option and leave the defaults (test network communication, test transactional engine, test relational engine).  Run it twice.  First with the IP address of the server running Pervasive. Second with the server name.  Do you see:
Successfully connected to <servername>  <IP Address> via TCP/IP protocol.
Successfully transmitted 75 test messages via TCP/IP protocol during stress test.
Once that's done you should see:
The transactional engine test completed successfully.
Transactional access to Pervasive.SQL Windows NT Engine version 8.60 is functioning correctly.
and then:
The relational engine test completed successfully.

Relational access to Pervasive.SQL version 8.60 is functioning correctly.

If you don't see those three messages, please post what you do see.  
Alan WarrenApplications DeveloperCommented:
Hi Thirt,

not had any experience with Pervasive, but I'm thinking it may be a Pervasive Security (Permissions) that is locking access to tables for users outside the Lan. It seems like the VPN is no problem, but are the WAN users members of the same Domain?

ThirtAuthor Commented:
There is no domain in this enviroment. Come to think of it, I don't know if they are in the same workgroup. But the IP scheme is setup the following:
Main location: 178.20.1.x
Remote 1: 178.20.2.x
Remote 2. 178.20.3.x

Each location has a gateway at x.x.x.1
The server is located at
ThirtAuthor Commented:
Please keep this open. I will be running the test that Mirthel recommends and reply back with the results this evening.
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