MFC Dialog Change labels for buttons with Function

I have been trying to make a dynamic MFC menu.  I have a function that updates the variables and then tries to change the label.  The function keeps getting an assert error.

Here is the function:
int currlevel;
CString ( lbutton1 );
CString ( lbutton2 );
CString ( lbutton3 );
CString ( lbutton4 );
CString ( lbutton5 );
CString ( lbutton6 );
CString ( lbutton7 );

CString ( abutton1 );
CString ( abutton2 );
CString ( abutton3 );
CString ( abutton4 );
CString ( abutton5 );
CString ( abutton6 );
CString ( abutton7 );

CButton ( m_button1 );
CButton ( m_button2 );
CButton ( m_button3 );
CButton ( m_button4 );
CButton ( m_button5 );
CButton ( m_button6 );
CButton ( m_button7 );

CString ( ascreentitle );
CString ( aleveluid );
CString ( htmlpg );
CString ( webloc ) = ".\\Web\\";

void SetMenuButtons( )
    currlevel = 1;
    lbutton1 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][2];
    lbutton2 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][4];
    lbutton3 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][6];
    lbutton4 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][8];
    lbutton5 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][10];
    lbutton6 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][12];
    lbutton7 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][14];
    abutton1 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][3];
    abutton2 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][5];
    abutton3 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][7];
    abutton4 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][9];
    abutton5 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][11];
    abutton6 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][13];
    abutton7 = MENUARRAY[currlevel][15];
      m_button1 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button2 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button3 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button4 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button5 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button6 = "Command Button 1";
      m_button1 = "Command Button 1";
//    htmlpg   = MENUARRAY[currlevel][1];

    //m_html->LoadPage( webloc + htmlpg );
    if    ( (lbutton1) != "NULL" )
            if ( (lbutton1) != ""  )
        m_button1.SetWindowText ( lbutton1 );
        CWnd* pWnd = GetDlgItem(IDC_BUTTON1);
etc., etc...

It fails each time.  Should the variable not be associated with the variable I defined in the class wizard for the button?  Is the variable type incorrect?
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AaronReamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well as far as the GetDlgItem problem.   That's because you have to pass it a windows handle if your not invoking it from CWnd derived object's function.  

To fix this you either need

1) make the void SetMenuButtons( ) a member of CWnd derived class.  (ie.  CMyDlg::SetMenuButtons()  )

2) pass GetDlgItem a window handle (i.e.  GetDlgItem(m_pMyDlg, IDC_BUTTON1) )

vivekparaAuthor Commented:
Also, the GetDlgItem keeps saying that it cannot take 1 parameters?

Any ideas on that as well?
I'm trying to figure out what you're attempting to do in the rest of your code... Dynamic menu?  Do you actually mean you want to dynamically switch the text of some buttons?   If so, I can easily help you with that.

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vivekparaAuthor Commented:
Actually, I had a library that was overriding the GetDlgItem.  I finally, in a fit of frustration, just made the CButton variables global so I could change their values in any function.

Bad programming...bad programming...but it WORKS!
vivekparaAuthor Commented: the lion's share working.  Dynamically updating buttons and it changes seamlessly.  My memory will fragment a bit...but I'm not going to worry about it.


Points awarded for the attempt.
Glad I could attempt to help:  ;-)

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