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Video inside of letters

I was wondering who here could give me the title of some software that would let me play videos inside of letters, while scrolling across the screen, that I can use for videos? I would like to put seperate videos in each letter, and have the words scroll across a title page. I would then like to either edit the rest of the video in this program, or export it into another program (I use adobe premiere, vegas video, and video toaster 4). I have pretty much an unlimited budget, so money is not an issue. Thank you! ~Ken
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You SHOULD be able to do it within Premiere. The tools are there, you just have to know how to use them. Nothing I know of is going to make it any easier than the tools in the big video editing apps like FinalCut Pro or Premiere (though not quite in the same league as the former).
i recommend Macromedia Flash

you'll just type the text
put the video behind it
make the text become the mask so that the video only appears inside the letters
make the whole thing move as u like

then export to AVi
Money is not an issue... Man I would to be able to say that ;-)

-> Heres the deal, you "could" do it in Premier or in flash, but I would not recomend it.

Premier-> I think, even though they have improved as of last version somewhat, that the motion in premier is not always the best to work with, and will be too time and ram consuming to do as you described. Possible, but not practible....

Flash-> Not high end enough, and a little tricky if your not into it allready.

My suggestion-> Adobie After Effects, hands down. This is an essential for thos little shots that have to be above par, average joe stuff... -> Bring in your text or letters from photoshop, animate them scrolling acrost the screen then go through and size each clip behind it's respective letter and animate it along, drop the layer with movies behind the layer with letters, finaly key the letters out and there you go...

I can walk you though it if you want, just halla ;-)
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khyer123Author Commented:
Yeah that sounds like what I want it to do... I would like seperate videos for each letter, so that leaves macromedia out.... and Premiere does look very very complicated for something like that. Thank you weed and hammadian2 for your responses. J3one, I am going to get my hands on a copy of Adobe After Affects. If I can figure it out on my own, I will award you the 125 points as promised. If I need a walkthrough, I will up the value to 200 points, and possibly 250 depening on how extensive it needs to be. Thank you for all your help :)
Should be easy to do in DHTML and therefore work for everyone, without them needing plugins

(ie: overlay the videos with transparent GIFs - depending on what the videos are, they could themselves be converted to animated GIFs - prolly 2 hours work for a competent graphic person to do)
oops - forget it - I thought it was for a web page...
khyer123, thanx and good luck with your projects :-)
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