Is this a Powerbuider 9 bug or not?

I need someone to verify whether I have stumbled upon a Powerbuilder 9 bug or not. We recently migrated to Powerbuilder 9 from 8. I ran my application from the executable, Opened a report and then I opened a screen from the report. In this screen, there is an icon we have always used to change statuses for the cases that we work on. When I did that, the application took me back to the report which was unusual. We have not done any code changes to the screen and I can't understand why it would start now.

I then tried to debug the problem and when I run the application from Powerbuilder, the application works as it always done. This left us thinking there might be runtime bug in Powerbuilder or we might be missing a dll or something.
Can anybody help?
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sajuksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which version of powerbuilder are you running.Is it the latest ? If not first update from the sybase site
 to download the patches one of the experts diasroshan has given some precise steps:

Go to
---> go to the download option
---> in the download page there is a link EBFs/Maintenance
---> u will be asked to register once u go to that link....
---> register onto sybase(this will help in future)
---> there will be a selection of time 'all'
---> now when u search u will find build  PowerBuilder 9.0.1 (7236) EBF Release
---> Download it
Install this patch .
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