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In flash, there are several ways to pass variables to the movie and use them, like Flashvars . But I did not find a way to pass a parameter to swishmax from an HTML tag, or URL querystring.

only point me to an example and you have the points
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GregsyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just as you would with any other variable

I pass a gallery path into a swish swf with

PARAM NAME='Src' VALUE='gallery.swf?GalleryPath=/images/gallery1
PARAM NAME='Movie' VALUE ='gallery.swf?GalleryPath=/images/gallery1

Inside the swi I use


to return to aspx to get a list of images in a specific path.

You will need to test this in the browser not a preview for obvious reasons.

xakemSoftware Application DeveloperCommented:
emiliodabdoubAuthor Commented:
hi, those links does not answer my question..

My problem is that I need to pass the value depending on the page I'am..

For example, if I'm at the page:   flashbanner.aspx?variable=1

I want to pass in some way the value 1 to swishmax.

I could do it with HTML tags, like reading the querystring and using response.write to write it as a HTML param (tag).

This is the process:

1. The page will load the banner, but the page will receive an URL parameter.
2. I will pass the value of that parameter to swish.
3. I will use that value in swish
the variables passed in are in the query string are made available to you in your app if you add them to the swf src

PARAM NAME='Src' VALUE='yourswish.swf?myvariable=1
PARAM NAME='Movie' VALUE ='yourswish.swf?myvariable=1

'myvariable' is then available in your swish code for use.


emiliodabdoubAuthor Commented:
Hi Alan. or Gregsy?

I think this is what I was looking for.

How I would access the variable from swish?
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