UK Hotspots - how do I use them / buy airtime ?

Newbie dumb question ...

I off work on Monday and I have this horrid feeling they might need me. Where I'm staying (London) there is a HOTSPOT Starbucks nearby ...

I use Wifi etc at home/office but have never used one of these new fangled Hotspots ... and I don't hold any faith in the staff being able to help me.

I understand I need to get some airtime ... does anyone know who provides Starbucks in the UK, how it works, where I buy and how 'hassle free' it is ... or any other suggestion on what to buy.

I don't want to end up in a situtation where they need me and I have to spend 2 hours config'ing the Wifi.

Many thanks

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Hi SpencerSteel,

In Starbucks there is actually a leaflet explaining the simple process - I believe it is provided by t-mobile - the only config you will probably have to do is change a proxy setting

Hope this helps


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SpencerSteelAuthor Commented:
Cool - you were right - it's T-Mobile and it looks pretty easy - you "pay on the day" or by text message and get billed ... thats cool ... just making sure I didn't have to have an account set up or something.

You've been most helpful ...

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