would it be possible to implement a backup dc in a SBS 2003 environment?
if so, how would i go about this?
i have searched and found indirect answers to this, that only one sbs 2003 server can exist in its domain.
but what would happen if it went down, surely there is an option
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Small Business Server is only meant to exist in a single DC domain. No other DC's can exist. That's the limitation of the product and why it's cheaper than the full blown OS.

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I stand corrected! You can have an additional DC in a 2003 SBS domain. SBS 2003 server needs to be the first one installed however and theadditional DC added afterwards.
iaintarrAuthor Commented:
could the additional dc be a sbs 2000 server?
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Pass. I am PRETTY sure SBS 2000 couldn't have additional DC's (although I stand to be corrected) as I had never heard of it. SBS 2003 does have the feature though.

You could try it but you need to make sure you can add a 2000 DC to your 2003 domain (ie. 2003 DC domain / forest mode has to be correct to be able to add a 2000 DC).
Hi All,

I have a PowerEdge 400SC with SBS 2003 installed and AD is setup. Can anyone tell me what server OS will/will not function as a BDC (i'm aware that SBS 2003 has no true BDC support/wizard) without removing SBS 2003 from the PowerEdge?

eg. SBS 2003+SBS 2003 or SBS 2003+SERVER 2003 OR SBS 2003+SERVER 200?
You absolutely cannot have (2) 2003 SBS on the same domain. I quite certain that would stand true for 2000 SBS. You can definately have 2000 or 2003 standard servers as BDC role, 2003 SBS must be first in the root. Before bringing up the 2000 Server to DC you would need to run the 2003 AD upgrade utilities.
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