Microsoft VPN connection - dropping automatically after a period of time

   I wonder if anyone can help.  I've set up a VPN connection from a webserver (Windows 2000 advanced server) to our network (2 different locations) via remote desktop....  If I log into the webserver, set this connection up and then DON'T log off the server, but rather just shut the remote session down, this should keep the connection up.  


Set the settings under Local Security Policy - not to automcatically logout sessions.
I've changed the VPN settings so it doesn't log out after a period of inactivity.
Set the VPN connection to automatically redial if line is dropped - this doesn't work.

and still it disconnects after a period of time!  We must have this has a permanent connection.

Can anyone recommend a way of setting this up & also how can we set it to bring the connection back up and connect it if the server reboots?

Many Thanks & look forward to your replies.

Damian Buckley
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Lacking more information about the network structure in both ends, I can not say if my tip has any relevance for you. However, once upon a time I had a similar problem which I finally tracked down to a timeout in the clients dsl-router. It appeared that NAT-sessions in this router were simply killed after a specific time. Some of these routers allow you set or disable the timeout period, some does not. These things are usually very poorly, if at all, documented.  You might see indications in the routers log, maybe?

I hope this can give you at least a clue to look for details also in the transport, not only in the termination points.

Regards from Norway,
Leif Henriksen


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