Outlook - autoenter email names into "send" field

Just rebuilt a computer, installed Office XP, Outlook runs as POP3...

Has a fairly large address book, maybe 100 entries...

Previously client could start a new email, and into the "TO" field start typing the recipients name...eg:  joh  for John and 3-4 people named John would pop up in a little window and he could choose which John to send to...

Now it seems that he first has to type in the entire email address and then Outlook will "remember" this name for the NEXT time he tries to "auto type" the name...

On MY Outlook it makes no difference if I have previously typed in the email address or not, after I type in a few characters it will pop up the few selections to choose from after typing in the first 3-4 characters...

How can I fix this...???

Also, the same client, after typing in a full email address, Outlook will "remember"...but if he types the email address INCORRECTLY, eg: misspells the address...Outlook will remember that also and it pop's up...

Is there some way to delete this misspelled auto entry...???

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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do this first

How to Reset the Nickname and Automatic Completion Cache In Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2002

close outlook
open outlook , click on New to compose a new email ,
now check by typing joh..

usually , you got to wait for few seconds before it suggests the names..
stevem5000Author Commented:
Thanx Sunray

Hopefully, I'll be at the clients on Friday and get to try this...

Will report back

If you want to be able to delete incorrect entries, when he starts typing them, and the incorrect entry shows up, you should be able to arrow down to that entry and simply hit Delete.
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stevem5000Author Commented:

I tried that first thing a few days ago...didn't work...

I suspect there is a corrupted pst file and maybe a few other things...I just replaced  the clients OLD NT4.0 workstation circa: PII-200...that was failing faster than the leaves on a tree in a Texas tornado...

He had problems running Outlook on that machine, which I presumed were due to problems with the NT4.0 OS, still on SP1 because whenever we tried to upgrade the SP it would blue screen, so we finally left it alone...he didn't want to put any $$$ into the old box and preferred to keep it until he could upgrade...

Thanx for the idea...

Have you tried to create a new PST and then import all the data and check if that would help.

Looked like a simple autocomplete cache issue but I donot think so
stevem5000Author Commented:
Sunray...no I did not creating a new pst and then importing...I suspect if the old pst if corrupt then importing the old stuff may also bring  back whatever is corrupting the pst in the first place...

Haven't gotten back to the customer yet...but will post results when I do...

stevem5000Author Commented:
Thanx sunray...

It appears to be working ok now...
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