Problem in SQL Query in ASP

I m using Vbscript for asp with access database
In one page I need to fetch the records using the query

SELECT * FROM Data WHERE  CTSNo Like '%2653%'

but this query doesn't fectch the records.
when I change the condition as '%265%
it shows one record which contains 265 string but not the record contaning 2653

when i check the qurey in Access as

SELECT * FROM Data WHERE  CTSNo Like '*2653*'
it shows the records

What is the problem for Asp Page

I think the condition like 'condition%' works well
but the '%condition%' doesn't.

pls tell me urgent
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Are you trying to find an arbitrary sequence of digits in the CTSNo column. Is the CTSNo column numeric? If so, and you want to reteive a range, you might be better off doing where CTSNo >= 26530 and CTSNo <= 26540. Otherwise, the information you provide is not sufficient to troubleshoot. Please provide some sample data and the data definition (column data types). Also, please tell what you are actually trying to accomplish.

You may see differences in behavior between Access and ASP because they are actually using to different data access methodologies. If CTSNo is a character column, your query SHOULD work ..
leork2004Author Commented:
CTSNo is character column.
which contains data like "265/A1,265/A2" ,"2653","265,266"

but the query doesn't work

Is the column varchar or text? Can you export a few more values from that column and post them here? This sounds really strange and might point to some hidden data problem. Have you, just for the fun of it, tried the query with * instead of %. Maybe for some strange reason ASP is using the old JET driver instead of MSDAC - which I don't really think is possible.
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leork2004Author Commented:
It is Text(200)

I tried for "*" , it doesn't work in asp but it works in access

Th Data for the Column

6155, 6156
194 37 A1/3B/11
248/1A/1, 261/6, 265/1, 266/1, 267/1, 284/11/1 208/10 to 19
258A, 258B, 240

If I give search as '%284%'
it returns only 1 record (5th row)
but not the 5th & 6th row



Thanks for the data, that allows me to perform a real test.  I create a test MS Access database with your data, hocked it up to ODBC, and then ran the following code:


Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") "test", "admin", ""

strSQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM Data WHERE CTSNo Like '%284%'"
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs.Open strSQLQuery, conn, 3, 3

do until rs.eof
  response.write(rs("CTSNo") & "<br>")


Set conn = Nothing


I got the following output, which was as expected (both rows).

248/1A/1, 261/6, 265/1, 266/1, 267/1, 284/11/1 208/10 to 19

Maybe there is another error in your ASP code somewhere that has nothing to do with the query.

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leork2004Author Commented:
Thanks sigmacon
   I tried using odbc also but not the page doesn't shows 2 rows.
I tried another way and It shows the 2 records now .
   I  added following code before do Loop
   if rs.recordcount > 0 then
   end if

Actually I don't know why it reqd the above code.
   Can u tell the reason why it is needed?
I will give u full points.

You are probably looping over the result set once before you are outputting it to HTML - that's the only explanantion I have for you having to do rs.MoveFirst. Another one could be the cursor type and lock type you selected. If all you do is paint the recordset to screen, without modifying it, try:

rs.Open strSQLQuery, conn, 0, 1

see this for a list of options:
leork2004Author Commented:
Thanks sigmacon
 I  m giving u full points
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