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How to create VB Program that automatically forwards Outlook email

Does anyone have a Visual Basic script that will automatically check all new Outlook email for a certain keywords (ie. "you", or "help"), remove any attachments from the email, and forward just the body of the email to another email address?  Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
The following should be placed in a module in your Outlook macros:

    Sub StripAndForward(thisMail As Outlook.MailItem)
        Const strAddress    As String = ""
                                                'FORWARDING ADDRESS
        Const blnAutoSend   As Boolean = False  'SEND FORWARD AUTOMATICALLY
        Dim objFwd As Outlook.MailItem
        Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment
        For Each objAtt In thisMail.Attachments
            objAtt.Delete                       'DELETE EACH ATTACHMENT
        Next objAtt
        Set objFwd = thisMail.Forward           'CREATE FORWARD MAIL
        objFwd.Recipients.Add strAddress        'ADD RECIPIENT
        If blnAutoSend = True Then objFwd.Send Else objFwd.Display
                                                'AUTOSEND OR DISPLAY
        Set objFwd = Nothing
        Set objAtt = Nothing
        Set thisMail = Nothing                  'CLEANUP
    End Sub

You can now set a message rule to search for the words you want to filter from the subject or body, telling the rule to run a custom script if those words are found.


ChWCITAuthor Commented:
I set up the module and created a rule to run that script when the keywords are found.  It seems to be running the script, however the emails are never received at the new address.  I have tried to with several addresses .
ChWCITAuthor Commented:
Nver mind jimbobmcgee, it is working now.  i had to change

Const blnAutoSend   As Boolean = False  'SEND FORWARD AUTOMATICALLY


Const blnAutoSend   As Boolean = True  'SEND FORWARD AUTOMATICALLY

Thanks for the help.
No problem, ChWCIT

I put that blnAutoSend line in so you can check the mail looks correct befrore you send it.  Its a debug thing...

Thanks for the points; glad to help!!

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