changing msflexgrid row to a different color if the number displays negative.

Since I was able to display negative numbers in an msflexgrid,
 I would also like to display it in red for that row. How to do that?

Part of the code I'd like to insert the code... to change row color if negative

   With grdEquipData
        'Check if "Cost" and "Qty" are available
        If (Trim(.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 7)) <> "" And Trim(.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 3)) <> "") Then
            'Total Cost = Unit Cost * Qty
            .TextArray(.row * .Cols + 8) = FormatNumber((.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 3)) * Val((.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 7))), 2)
        End If
 end with
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With MSflexgrid there is no straight way to set color to a full row. You have to set color cell by cell. Lets say you have 5 columns and and want to set color of 4th row to yellow, then this is how you will do it:

For intLoop=0 to 4
 With MSHFlexgrid1
 End With

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try this

With grdEquipData
    .Row = r            'set the row you want to change the color
    for c = 0 to .Cols -1            'loops through all the columns in the row nd changes its color
        .Col = c
        .CellBackColor = vbRed
    next c
End With

hope this helps
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
only when it is negative number though..
i'd like the row to display color red...
.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 8) = FormatNumber((.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 3)) * Val((.TextArray(.row * .Cols + 7))), 2)
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