Bootable TCP/IP Ghost Disc with nForce Ethernet Support

I have a ghost image I made with Ghost 8 and put it up on a network share on my file server. \\FSERVER\GHOST\myimage.gho

My goal is to make a disc, either on floppy or CD, that I can boot off of, and restore the image to a machine over the network. There are numerous guides on how to do this, but I have run into problems with all of them.

First I tried just making a TCP/IP ghost disc from within Ghost itself. Of course the ndis drivers are not there for nForce boards. (BTW, Asus hosts the nvidia drivers here .. ) I tried to create my own template, and couldn't get it to work.

I then tried following the instructions in the download, because it includes templates for the Ghost boot discs, but only for Ghost Enterprise...I tried it anyway and the drivers couldn't bind.

I then tried to use the modboot guide on's website...that didn't work.

I tried to make Bart's Network Boot Disk...couldn't get that to work either.

I tried making Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable network disc, also couldn't get it to work.

Ok, I have given! =)

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DVation191Author Commented:
Ok this is what I did. I copied the entire NDIS driver directory to...
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Template

Then I created a Mapped Boot Disk in Norton Ghost. When I booted off of it, it failed. I found out the errors I was getting was because of some memory problems. So I had to modify the config.sys to:
devicehigh=a:\net\protman.dos /i:a:\net
rem devicehigh=a:\net\e100b.dos

Then it worked. I added a line to the end of the autoexec.bat to run ghost off the network so I could get away with only using a single floppy disk.

Now it works great...except for some reason I have no mouse support. It's just a regular old PS/2 mouse. This last item is all I really need to make this perfect.
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