Hi friends,

My question is:
Has any of you took Crystal Professional Certification exam. I checked the bo website and learned about the course material. Seems like a simple stuff. It is pretty expensive to go to class. Cost is like $2000. Do you think that it could be done from home by studying by myself. Do you guys know any course materia or books offered by  BO. Wouls be very nice to get them free :)

My work is pretty cheap about these stuff so i should bring them a low cost training other than BO. What do you guys advise. Is this training highly recognized in the industry?

Bottom line does it worth it?

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I took the classes and passed the exams back in the summer.

The instructor led classes can be expensive, as you have discovered.  Some of the classes can be taken as  WBT's ( I did most of them this way) and each class is about half the cost of the instructor led version.  The problem with the WBT's is that you don't walk away with a manual like you do with Instructor led.
In another forum that I particiapte in, some individuals looked at the exam and class outlines, and then just studied material on their own.  There seemed to be varying levels of success with this method, but I would say that if you have been working with the Crystal Reports Designer for a while, and know the ins and outs of it, you should be able to pass at least the first exam without taking any classes.  The third exam is going to have the most new content on it, so you may want to consider a class for the 2 classes it covers.  But also, it only costs $150 per exam, so it isn't too expensive to take it and see how you do.
The exam info is here:  I believe there are some outlines of what is covered that could help you study.

Is the cert worth it and is it highly recognized?  That is a tough question.  I think it was worth it because it gave me something tangible to show my skillset.  Before the CRCP (new with 10) all you could get was the ACE, which wasn't a real certification.  BO has made great strides in getting a real certification created with external testing centers, just like with Microsoft or Cisco.  I think that it will be more highly recognized in the future as more people become aware of it.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions surrounding this topic.

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ebolekAuthor Commented:
Thank you bdreed,

My company wants time lines from me. Do you know any studying materials. I checked and found out that there is a certification book.
Here it is: CRCP Crystal Reports Certified Professional All In One Exam
By Annette Harper
I am thinking about buying the book and studying from there. Also you said that third level needs most probably class attendance
There are two classes:
Applying Report Design Methodology and Expertise
Building and Implementing Business Views
Second one is Crystal enterprise and I have never used that version. Could that be a big complicxation. I dont have theta version at work to study from?

Finally How long did it take you to finish the certification program?

Thanks alot bdreed
I haven't seen the book yet, so I can't really comment on the content.  If it isn't too expensive, it may be worth it.

Applying Report Design Methodology and Expertise is a 3 day class that gets into the full life cycle of report development.
Building and Implementing Business Views - BV's are new to 10.  I would not be scared of them if you have not worked with CE before.  You can probably get an eval copy of CE 10 to play with.

How long does it take?  well, that depends on how much time you dedicate to it.  I imagine that you would need to do alot of the work on your own time so that needs to be factored in.  Consider this, the 2 classes that the first exam covers are considered 2 day classed each.  So that would be 32 hours of classroom time which covers the content on the first exam.  If you don't take the classes, it depends on how well you know the material in the outline, and how long it will take you to study for it.  I would say on average, most people do all 3 exams over a 2 month period, since they do it on their own time.

One more thing, I noticed that BO is running a special on their training right now, I think it is like 50% off:
Maybe you can get your company to spring for this since it is a really good deal.

Lastly, I just heard that version 11 is in BETA right now, so you may want to factor that into your decision whether to take it now or wait until version 11.
ebolekAuthor Commented:
Thanks bdreed

There are also some threads here that might help you:
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