Directory Service Unavailable from printer dialog

I an using windoss xp/pro service pack 2.  When printing from Excel I don't see a printer that is shared on my network in the drop down box in the printer dialog.  It is attached to another computer.  I select find printer from the print dialog under excel and it immediatly says "directory service unavailable".  I can see the printer if I search for computers using Windows Explorer and click Printers and Faxes.
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are you on a winows domain? if yes
click the find printers
select %yourdomain% from the drop down list called "in"
then press find now.
if that doesn't work make sure that the printers have been published in your active directory and that the computer is joined to the domain.

if no
make sure the printer is shared from the computer it is attatched too
when you do your search for computer like you mention above, right click on the printer and click connect!
howard_newkirkAuthor Commented:
Only Microsoft would think that the correct respone to a directory unavailable message would be to search for the printer with Explorer and then right click connect.  Perfect answer though.  Thanks for the help.
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