calculate battery runtime

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to calculate max runtime for for an UPS.  I have the UPS table infront of me right now.  It shows something like
Load (VA)     Load (watts)     SU700     SU1000     SU1400
50               30                    142         224           269
100             60                     76          127           157
200             122                   37           64            80

How exactly would one determine the Load (VA), Load (watts)?

Thanks in advance,
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The run time can be calculated by looking at MikProg's answer (the accepted answer) here:
joshuaemoryAuthor Commented:
hehe  Ya, I thought adding it in two places might double my chances of getting an easy to follow answer.  So what exactly would I be looking for on the power supply?  MikProg says "Take a sum of numbers signed on  every power supplay in your servers".  Is he taking a sum of the watts?
For time calculations, use VA (watts = VA x 0.7), so add up the watts and convert to VA.  Look at the ampere-hour capacity on the UPS.  Divide rated VA of UPS by output voltage to get total current output, then divide the ampere-hour capacity by total current output to get runtime in hours (multiply by 60 to get minutes).

The important part is

"The parameters you really need is UPS VA and battary AH. Serious manufacturers are always publish them. The only thing you need is check if UPS maximum allowed current is less then possible consumption it is
  UPSmac A > (400+500+450+...)/0.7/220 A"

UPSmac should be UPSmax (maximum output current), and use 120 instead of 220 if the voltage is 120.
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