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Mac PC file transfer

How do I transfer files from a PC to Mac via Thumb drive with out the files being altered?  for example files the were lowercase are now uppercase.  It seems to alter random files without and ryhme or reason.
1 Solution
Your "Thumb drive" probably uses a Microsoft FAT16 or FAT12 filesystem,
which use 8.3 upper-case filenames.

arobquinnaAuthor Commented:
I formatted the drive to be Fat32, it does not cut off the length of the name it just changes some of them to caps.  The only way around it is to Zip the file but that is not what I want to do.  Is there a formatt that both OS's can see with out altering them?
The basic answer is no.
Mac and Windows filenames have too many differences. There are many characters that can be used in a macintosh filename that are illegal on Windows. For example, it's impossible to have a question mark or a backslash in a Windows filename, but Mac users use these characters all the time. Also, Windows allows much longer filenames than Mac OS (version 9 or less), and Macs and PCs handle spaces in filenames differently. And then on top of that, Windows likes to change the case of filenames, trim trailing spaces, and other things.

If you want your filenames to remain unchanged across platform, you basically need to force everyone to use very simplified filenames with only letters and numbers, no spaces, etc.

Or just zip them.

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