copying to virtual Pc

On my machine I have virtual Pc.  I want to copy some of my files from c:\ to virtual PC c:\drive.  When I dragged the folder it started to copy but after a file I get an error which says
An error in Virtual PC has occurred (d1).
another time I got an error which said virtual Pc is used by host or another person cannot copy.  I have no applications opened that uses this folder.
Any solution?
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fendermb4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can connect via host network to copy files.  

So, get the IP address of your virtual PC. (start-> run -> CMD -> ipconfig)

Then, go on your real PC and map a network drive to the virtual PC (Start -> run -> net use x: \\virtualpcIPAddress\c$ /user:username password) --replace the virtualpcaddress with the actual IP address of your virtual PC, that we got above.  Replace the username and password with the local administrator account of the virtual pc, probably whatever you use to login with will work fine.

Now you'll have a mapped drive to your virtual machine, and you can copy files back and forth easily.

Tell me if you have any trouble or don't understand that process.

Good Luck!
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