Windows 2000 Server Stopped Allowing Print Jobs

    Last night we had a power outage that downed the servers (backups downed them correctly).  When we rebooted this morning, everyhting came up fine.  There are no errors in any of the logs.  The problem is we have about 15 shared printers on this server.  At this point, no one can print.  From the server console I can see all the printers (mostly HP on JetDirects).  I can enter the printer prefs.  When I try to print I get "Test Page Failed To Print.  Would you like to try the printer trouble shooter....."  The computer is connected to the network and appears to be running fine, othere than this issue.  I was able to map lpt1 to a share on another box and print via DOS (using dir >lpt1).  However if I try to print a test page in the printer properties, I get the above error.  I have rebooted twice and I have manually stopped and started the spooler.  When I deleted one of the HP4200TN printers and try to re-add it via the Jet Direct software, it finds the printer then I get an error that says "Printer does not match the current network setup". I can not continue after this point.  The network is running only TCP/IP and I can ping the printer as well.  I am lost on this one.

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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You use print servers correct? Have you reset the printservers?
Your print server IP's havent changed have they?
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NetGuruzAuthor Commented:
The are all on JetDirect Boxes.

The printers will work from our NT 4.0 box.  It is jsut the printer shares on the 2k box.

Nothing has changed ont he network.
NetGuruzAuthor Commented:

There were a ton of *.spl files in the spool folder.  I just deleted them all and *poof* everthing started working on this print server again.

2,567 *.spl files
Cool. Glad you got it I will know next time
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