Why do I get an Syntaax error for insert into Statement .

I am using VB and MS access... If I run the query below without inserting the value for teh FOR column everything is fine..But once i include the FOR colum and  insert the strFor it throws an error.

Now the Delivery Date which is a string is also a cell above teh FOR in teh spreadsheet   . It is represented as strDDate. That is inserting fine. Why this problem only for this  For cell. I checked almost everything.

When I run this query in immediate window and cut and paste the same query in MS access it runs fine again.. Can you please help me ....
I also checked inserting every value ..It has nothing to do with the date or anything. there is only problenm in the for.
Also in MS access backend i made the field as memo , text . Still the problem

Dim strFor as String
strFor = Trim(App.Cells(ireqRow + 1, 3))
strDDate = Trim(App.Cells(ipodRow + 1, 3))

    ssql = ssql & Replace$(strPOrder, "'", "''") & "',#" & Format(dPODate, "dd-MMM-yy") & "#,"
    ssql = ssql & lFromId & "," & lToId & ",'" & Replace$(strDDate, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strASFD, "'", "''") & "','"
    ssql = ssql & Replace$(strShipVia, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strTerms, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strRequestor, "'", "''")   & "','"
    ssql = ssql & Replace$(strBuyer, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strFor, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strQuoteNo, "'", "''") & "','" & Replace$(strReqNo, "'", "''") & "',"
    ssql = ssql & dblSubTotal & "," & dblShipAndHand & "," & dblSalesTax & "," & dblDiscount & ","
    ssql = ssql & dblDelAndInstall & "," & dblTotal & ")"

' This is what teh sql statement loosk in immediate window'. I have run this is access and it inserts fine.but from teh front end when i insert
i get the error of Syntax error of insert into statement ...'Conference rooms' corresponding to FOR is teh problem...
I am reading data from various excel seets and outting it into MS access ..eveything throws an error when inserting teh FOR value

insert into PURCHASE(PORDER,PODATE,SHIP_FROM,SHIP_TO,DDATE,ALL_SHIP_FOB_DEST,SHIP_VIA,TERMS, REQUESTOR,BUYER,FOR,QUOTE_NO,REQUISITION_NO,SUB_TOTAL,SHIP_HAND,SALES_TAX, DISCOUNT,DELIVERY_INSTALL,TOTAL) VALUES('7103',#16-Jan-04#,101,202,'ASAP','Prepay & Add', 'Next Day','Net 30','Michael Lewis','JK','Conference Rooms','134278059','7710',6927.8,60,419.27,0,0,7407.07)
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try enclosing FOR with brackets []. it might be a reserved word




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Have you tried inserting the strFor, without using Trim function, since as far as i get it, you are replacing "'" with space anyway, try inserting it without using the Trim statement.
is the "for" column a character-type column?
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>strFor = Trim(App.Cells(ireqRow + 1, 3))
will error if App.Cells(ireqRow + 1, 3) contains null value, but seems it's from Excel, so if you like for 'safety' you can try like:
strFor = Trim("" & App.Cells(ireqRow + 1, 3))

btw, PePi got a nice catch there, and make sure all your fields data type are correct, as well as the sql statement
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