Change Current User

I would like to change the current of the DB, I know it's not possible to do it.

But what i'm trying to do is close the current Database and reopen it , is it possible to do this without closing Access and reopen it

Something i would like is close the current project (keeping an empty Access windows) an reopen the same with and now the new user logon.
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Run a Shell command to first open your project as the new user and afterwards close the current connection. Result is the same but should have to be possible.

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If you only need to be the "other user" to run a query or something then you could use the PrivDBEngine to log on to the same database as a different user ... the notes say it can be used to attach through a different workgroup but I think it will work just fine if you use the same one.

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Sub OpenDBWithNewWorkgroupFile(PathToFile As String, _
                               DefaultUser As String, _
                               DefaultPwd As String, _
                               PathToDatabase As String)
    ' This function uses the unsupported PrivDBEngine object to
    ' open a database using a different workgroup information file
    ' than the one being used as the default. You might do this if
    ' you want to access data that is in a secured database that uses
    ' a different workgroup information file.
    Dim dbe As PrivDBEngine
    Dim wrk As Workspace
    Dim dbs As Database
    ' Return a reference to a new instance of the PrivDBEngine object.
    Set dbe = New PrivDBEngine
    ' Set the SystemDB property to specify the workgroup file.
    dbe.SystemDB = PathToFile
    dbe.DefaultUser = DefaultUser
    dbe.DefaultPassword = DefaultPwd
    Set wrk = dbe.Workspaces(0)
    ' Open the secured database.
    Set dbs = wrk.OpenDatabase(PathToDatabase)
    'execute your inline SQL here
End Sub

numerissAuthor Commented:
I fact I want to get access to my Forms and report but with another user, i want something like Fast User Switching in Windows XP hehe
Why not just make seperate shorctuts and launch from there?

numerissAuthor Commented:
I used this code

    dbl = Shell("msaccess """ & CurrentDb.Name & """ /WRKGRP """ & DBEngine.SystemDB & """" & IIf(IsExclusive, " /EXCL", ""), vbMaximizedFocus)
    If dbl Then DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdExit
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