Wireless connection with Linksys router doesn't work after some days of inactivity

Hi all,
I have a problem with my ADSL Router (Lynksys WAG54G) using the wireless connection on my laptop (PMCIA Linksys card 802.11g). I have setup the wireless connection and it works fine but each time I don't use the router for a couple of days I'm not able to connect to it anymore; I have simply to reset it and the wireless connection works again without problems. The same router connected via hub cable works without problems.
Does someone has an idea of this behaviour?
many thanks
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Hi there.

I've run into a similar problem with a desktop computer wireless connection. There might be a couple of causes depending on the environment you're operating in.

Cause 1: If in the router, you've disabled SSID broadcast, then you're going to have to manually join your laptop to the network. By manually, I mean you'll have to input all the settings from the network into the laptop in the Wireless Network settings section. If you're using Windows XP on your laptop, I highly suggest downloading Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Not only does it provide additional security updates, but it provides more intuitive tools for setting up wireless conenctions.

Cause 2: If your neighbors have a wireless connection, or if you are using a cordless phone (2.4 Ghz) near your router, either one could be causing interference with your router. If this is the case, you might trying changing the channel that your network operates on. You'll have to do this on the router. Then reboot each device that connects to the wireless router. They should be able to pick up the new channel.

Cause 3: If you recently did update your laptop, and installed the Wireless WPA update from Microsoft, it might be creating problems for your connection. Linksys provides this article for fixing this issue.


Lastly, you'll want to make sure that the firmware on your router is updated with the latest version. Documentation for updating the firmware, or checking to see what version is most current should be included with your router doucmentation. If not, you can find them using the Linksys website.

If these suggestions do not help you, or are not clear, please provide further details, such as operating system, services packs, etc. and I'll try to provide further information or suggestions.

Good luck!


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I have this problem occassionally, and as brownmetals points out, it is usually due to interference.  If your router is set to Channel 6, I highly suggest you change it, because I have yet to see a wireless installation on channel 6 that didn't get interference from all sorts of devices, for some reason the other channels [different frequencies] don't seem to get as much interference.
carmine67Author Commented:
Hi Jay,

many thanks for the detailed suggestions.... I have simply tryed first to upgrade the firmware and since a couple of days it seems that now is working fine...
Excellent, thanks
Hi Carmine.

Glad that helped. Thanks for the answer/grade.

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