Setting Default Location for File/Save in Code for Excel

I would like to set the File/Save path for a spreadsheet. I run several macros, then I prompt the user to save the modified version of the file. There are several iterations of this process, each compiles different data and needs to be saved with a slightly different name, but in a similar location. THe path is nested a bit deep. I don't want to change the general Excel default file location.

Can I present the user with an opened File/Save As dialog box, where the path has been set and they just need to modifiy the file name a bit then click save?

Thank you!
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Ali_JasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I should change the name to a sequence in the save location, so each new file gets a new filename.
apart from that you can store the original entered filename of the user in a database or file. when the user later on wants to download the file, you can use this text file or database table to. identify the files again.
janderson131Author Commented:
If I ask the user to enter the    filename in a control, can I then concatenate that as a part of the full file path and name, then automate the saving of the file like that?

I think you can do that, but that's a little tricky, because you never know what your user will enter. this might cause unexpected errors. if you generate an automatic filename, you can ensure that the filename meets the standards for a filesystem.
janderson131Author Commented:
OK, thanks!
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