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I have 2 datagrids, first one is bound to a table in the db, the second one is populated depending on the row clicked in the first datagrid.  I use one of the columns in the first datagrid to store the id of the record and I use this to create the rs for the second datagrid
Now if I click the fixed col on the first datagrid then the second datagrid is updated with the related records for that record.  If I double click anywhere in a row then the second datagrid is updated fine again.
But if I just click a cell once, it pulls the index from another row?
What am I doing wrong?
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Noel_CastilloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must do the updating of the second datagrid on RowColChange event of the first datagrid. That ensures updates are done after the record pointer has moved:)
I'd encountered this before. i used other mouse event of the first grid and found out that my code executes right before the record goes to the row i clicked. The previous record position was the one being used instead of the row i clicked.:)
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