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I want to hide files and folders on my NTFS drive. i only want to hide one folder. I have a program named Hide Folders XP which does hide the files, but it does not hide the storage space taken by the hidden files. I need to hide the space taken as well, i mean to say that when i hide say 1GB of data in "docs" folder, the hard drive space shown in my computer should be like 5 GB free out of 10 GB and not 4 GB free out of 10GB. Actually, i want the files to be hidden completely, nobody could even guess that they are there. Well, i need to find a way to hide files and decrease the space taken (shown in my computer)
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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As soon as you put a file on the partion, hidden or not, it will take up space. The only way to save a file so that it does not take up space (as it is reported by windows) is to use a hidden partition. Create another small partition on your PC appropriate to the size you will need, then use something like Parition Magic to hide the parition. It's not convenient...but security usually never is...
I dont believe this is possible, at least not easily. NTFS is going to report the amount of space used regardless of how you hide the files since hiding a file is simply marking it as invisible and the content is still there.
Not really sure, but I THINK the drivespace available is a DLL request.  To achieve what you want (if my thinking is right) what you need to do is find a way to manipulate the DLL into thinking the drive is actually BIGGER - not that the data doesn't exist - otherwise windows will attempt to overwrite your hidden files.

I would suggest building a new DLL (again, if I'm right) and replacing the old one with it.  Then, the DLL will THINK you have 11GB and not 10GB and give an incorrect FREE space reading.  
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