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Mail.box crashes, No errors in log.nsf, or console, or internet problems

This week, my lotus domino server 6.5.1’s mail.box just stopped working.  I looked through the log for the past 10 hrs. & can not find any error messages or any thing. The symptoms were this: 1. I had internet access, 2. people could log onto their lotus clients, no errors there. 3. when they would send an e-mail they did not receive any kind of error message back or an undeliverable error. 4. on my domino console, I was receiving no error messages, everything looked like it was sending & receiving e-mail.  After talking to domino support the whole day, we disabled trend micro’s scan mail 3.0, & the dns blacklist that domino supports. This did nothing.  The only thing that fixed the issue was to rename the Mail.box & create a new mail.box.  I have 35 lotus notes users not a lot, & their mail files are not more than 5mb.  After looking on notes.net & not seeing anything similar, ANY IDEAS OF WHAT WOULD CAUSE THIS.   The bad thing was that the domino tech, had no idea of what was going on or were the mail was going.
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1 Solution
Actually, I have seen cases where unloading trend and then restarting the router would allow mail to start getting delivered.  You might also have to unmark the messages as held, since Trend may have flagged the messages so that they won't be delievered while it is processing them.

I have also seen this happen when a corrupt mail message was in the mail.box, and caused the router to seize up.  When that happens, you have to backup your mail.box'es, create new ones, and move the backed up messages one by one into the new one until it kills the router again. then you'll know which one did it.  Don't forget, there's a paste filter in the mail.box template, so don't cut and paste.

Note that these are two different issues!  The first one is Trend not releasing doucmnets, so the router skips them as designed.  the second is a bug in the router where it locks up on certain bad messages.
syoderAuthor Commented:
i looked at my setting for trend, & i didn't have anything set, that would hold e-mail. as for the router, i stopped & restarted it & still would not see any e-mail, also if trend was holding the e-mail it would log it in the log.nsf
No, no, no... there is no setting in Trend for this.  AV programs have to prevent messages from being delievered while they are examined.  There are several ways they can do this, but all have the result that the messages are in some sort of holding pattern until the AV releases them.  One way they have of doing this is makring a flag the router uses to determine taht a message is ina routing hold state.  If your version of Trend does this, you have to release the messages, because the router will otherwise see them as being held even if you restart Domino!

And you are wrong about Trend reporting in the log.nsf -- it only logs if a messaage was found with a virus.  It does not report messages that it is holding for examination.

So, stop trend, stop the ruoter, check the STATE of the messages in mail.box, rebuild mail.box views, load the router, and see if it routes.

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