Mac OS X 10.3 Server and Apache, MySQL, and PHP

We just purchased a new Apple server with 10.3 Mac OS X Server which comes with Apache 1.3.31 and MySQL and PHP 4.  How do I do an upgrade to Apache 2 and PHP 5 and MySQL 4?  When I try to upgrade Apache the system gets hosed up somehow and will no longer function or server pages.  Never mind upgrading the rest.  I have tried it now twice and have had to reinstall the OS both times.  Does anyone have a way to do this?
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Before you 'upgrade' the AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) on OSX Server, you have to make sure that you're quite savvy with *nix.

OSX Server (emphasis on the *SERVER*) has their own default installation directory : /usr/bin

If you use Mark's compilation (an excellent work!), those things will be installed in : /usr/local/bin

If you use fink (fav for all those die hard debian user), those things will be install in : /sw

If you use ServerLogistic ( most updated), those things will be install in their own version.  (I haven't got to check it out yet, but you should peek into this sites.  They have quite a nice apache-mysql-php forum).

Basically, aside from 'upgrade', there's a lot of things to get tuned, especially those that point to a certain directory.  You might end up with 2 or 3 apache in your system (which is fine), but you have to make the system (especially if you use OSX Server Admin to control those service) to recognize which application to 'run'. Is it the one in /sw or the one in /usr/local or even the one in ~/myname ?

(That's why I emphasize on *SERVER* earlier, because on OSX 'client', you don't have Server Admin program).

So ddempued, are you savvy enough? (else, the safest way is to wait for Apple to release their own upgrade package, which will took quite a while).

Good luck.
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