anti-glare monitor coating.

Hi Experts,

I own a Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 17" monitor.  Its a high spec monitor ideal for games, anyway it comes with a special protective anti-glare coating, which is easily scratched.  I have had this monitor for several months and after cleaning the monitor gently using a soft cloth, the protective coating has become scratched.

I have contacted Iiyama and they said that a special solvent is available to remove the protective anti-glare coating. However, they wouldn't recommend one as they are against removing it.

Do you know of any solvents designed to remove the protective coating on a monitor?

I have rang around and T-Cuts and special watch scratch removers have been suggested but I feel that they may be too abbrasive.
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I have accidentally used Windex on a coated glass and it removed the coating.

If Windex doesn't do the trick, try it with pure isopropryl alcohol (*not* rubbing alcohol, but the 99.9% pure anhydrous type available from electronics stores for cleaning components).

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I'm fairly certain anything with ammonia in it (like Windex) will remove that coating.
I used a solution of one teaspoon of acetone in a tablespoon of isopropyl in a large square surgical sponge that I let sit about a minute before using. It removed it flawlessly. Be careful since it can mar/smear anything plastic.  
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