Specify window location on open.

I am developing a program that is to run on a dual monitor system.  The program is to run full screen on the second monitor.  In the event of a system reset, the program will be in the system startup, and needs to load full screen on the second monitor.

The program has no title bar, toolbar, menu, status bar, scroll bars, minimize, restore, or close buttons.  A single click anywhere on the program will close it.  The sole purpose of the application is to display information from files created on other systems, or from a user operating on the primary monitor.

I cannot find any controls that will let me specify "load full screen on second monitor".  Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.
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A good discussion here:

Working with Multiple Monitors

dangellAuthor Commented:
Application is written in VB.Net.  Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.
I presume, you are using a form on which you are displaying the information you need to display.

So, if this is correct, then say you have a form called Form1, then you can set the width and height of the form, to that of the screen like this:
Form1.Width= Screen.Width

You can also set the Form's border property, to None, so only the form and its controls will be displayed.

Hope this helps.
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Another thing i forgot to mention, set these properties on Form's Load event.
dangellAuthor Commented:
Form opening i not a problem, opening full screen is not a problem.  Telling the program to open on the second monitor is the problem.
On my Windows 2000 system, this works

Private Sub Form_Load()
'Me.BorderStyle = 0
Me.Height = Screen.Height
Me.Left = Screen.Width '<----
Me.Width = Screen.Width
Me.Top = 0

End Sub
These URLs will certainly help you

Use Multiple Monitors in Visual Basic: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q194578/

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