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Dell Versus HP Procurve Switches

Our office is looking to upgrade their network and we're trying to figure out who to get our switches from.  

The Dell powerconnect 3000 series seems to meet our needs at a great price, however I have some concerns about the reliability and wonder if it's worth paying the extra money for an HP Procurve 2650.

Just wondering what everyone's experience has been with the Dell Powerconnect 3000 series switches?

1 Solution
Everyone that I know of that bought Dell ended up sending them back or trashing them and going with something else. You get what you pay for if bottom dollar is all you're concerned with.
HP Procurve would be my 2nd choice if you can't afford Cisco.
Agree, if you can't afford Cisco, go with HP over Dell.
3com and hp if I remember right are also the only ones to offer lifetime of product line (+5 years) warranty replacement
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Cisco offers Limited lifetime warranty on most of their switches..

I rebuilt some or our network over the summer and went with the HP Procurve 6108 for the core switch.  It's an 8 port managed gigabit switch and I've been very pleased with it.  The interface is great, offering a CLI over the console, telnet access, and a web interface for management.  It's been under the load of 2 app servers, a file server, and the T1 connection for a school of about 350 computers and has been up and running without flaw since I set it up about 5 months ago.  It's also got a lifetime warranty.

In other words, I have no experience with Dell's line of switches, but have had great success with the HP Procurve I bought.

I have been using both CISCO and HP for years now.
Both products are great. I would recomend that you buy A cisco 3750 layer 3 switch as your core switch and then buy the HP 4160gl series for your IDF's. or even som other lower end HP's for the rest of your stack.
Bu tit is very important to have a very good reliable piece of equipment at the core of your network. If you can afford the cisco 3750 go with it. it does all your switching plus you can use it as a layer 3 router if needed. in practice for a small netowrk this will lower your network building cost.


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