I TSC into my server where I have our client software residing.  I get the software running and when I "log off user" it shuts my software down!  It says "log off user, keeps computer running at full power".  Is there a setting so that does not happen?  Do I have to keep remoted in all the time to keep the program running?  URGENT!!!
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KerryGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you select Log Off then all the running applications will exit. If you Disconnect by closing the window, then the applications will remain running.
precisionAuthor Commented:
Ok, but will that do something to my sessions?  Like "keep me logged on"??  I just don't want to be locked out or something like that.  What happens if I log back on to see running program?
When you log back in you will see the system exactly how you left it. I do this all the time on a number if systems.
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precisionAuthor Commented:
Great!  Now will my sessions build up if I just keep exiting off and eventually lock me out?  If so, is there a setting to allow unlimited "close outs" or something of that sort?  If you do this all the time then I will just follow your lead.  Thanks....
What you want it a product called firedaemon.  This allows you turn nearly any executable file into a service.  Then it runs no matter what.  they have a free trial and the software is cheap if you decide to but it.

its only 29bucks
KerryG is correct.  There is nothing wrong with disconnecting from a TSC session instead of logging off.  I almost always disconnect instead of logging off and I haven't had any problems yet.
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