Applet caching - without need to reload applet every visit to page

Hi guys,

I have an applet (3rd party) included are 2 files a .jar and a .cab

i'm trying to create a simple html page that will just load the applet and stick it into cache so that the client
doesn't have to go through downloading the applet everytime they go to the pages where the applet is on.

here is my code
<OBJECT classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93"
    width="200" height="200" align="baseline"
<PARAM NAME="code" VALUE="com.chatspace.v400321.Chat">
<PARAM NAME="codebase" VALUE="file://c:/gmsapplet">
<PARAM NAME="archive" VALUE="cfs40321.jar">
<PARAM NAME="cache_archive" VALUE="cfs40321.jar">
<PARAM NAME="cache_version" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="cache_archive_ex" VALUE="cfs40321.jar;preload">

--------------- as you can see the applet name is cfs40321.jar
its located locally on any machine this is run from in c:/gmsapplet/ directory
this directory currently includes cfs40321.jar, and the above shown html file

this is running on a browser that has Java v 1.4.2 installed
and Microsoft VM is turned off in the browser settings

.... the applet does load and i get promted to "Accept" the certificate and all, BUT it is not stored in the cache..

this is my first time working with applets, what am i doing wrong?

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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no need to cache if you're running it locally.

what is the firewall blocking thats causing a problem?
If you open the Plugin control 'applet' from Control Panel, you will be able to set the caching properties
splavikAuthor Commented:

that is one of the problems, the caching is turned ON in the applet (when i go throught he Control Panel)

also, when i look at the objects in cache the particual Applet is actually in the list, but
still every time i go to the page it asks me to download it.

very strange behaviour
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> <PARAM NAME="archive" VALUE="cfs40321.jar">

remove that line
> still every time i go to the page it asks me to download it.

it doesn't actually 'ask' you to download it.
Are you sure you're not referring to accepting the cert?
To stop this click "Always" when prompted.
splavikAuthor Commented:

it is the cert, but when i click on Tools | Internet Options |Settings |Objects - on my Internet Explorer java 1.4 shows up but this component does not...

or should that not matter and just being in the "JVM" cache is enough?

the reason for my post was that some clients who are behind a firewall do not have the ability to

Run the page with the applet, so we need to give em some sort of a "workaround" which to me was
enough to give them the files, the administrator would run that file logged in as admin on each machine, run the
html and i guess always accept on the cert, and it should work ?

i'll try that give u heads up tomorrow AM

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