Sna server client not connection to remote server via cisco/rumba

I work for mas(billing company) we connet to palsades(hospital). In order to connect to palisades we need three things: cisco vpn client, sna server client, and rumba term emulation.

for 98 macchines it works fine. for win2k machines it says i cant make a remote connection to there server pmc_sna1(domain is pmc_sna) we never get a logon box for win2k either.

what we know works is the cisco client cause it make the connection. it seeems to fail on the sna server/client. we have the same verision as them(95) also we have the sna server from nt backoffice.

we have rumba 7.2 2 sna server versions(95/nt) as well as cisco vpn clirent 4.1.

is there maybe a problem in the dns side our maybe i need a lmhosts file? seeing as palisades has a nt domain?

ps this is posted twice but i think i posted the first question in the wrong forum ,, moderators please dont use you uber stick of death on my post
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Since they have a NT domain, I would start by adding a LMOHSTS file entry and see if that makes a difference. It appears to be a NetBios name resolution issue. You should only need the domain controller entries (2 entries).;en-us;180094
briankeeganAuthor Commented:
Also the guy told me he connects from home via XP. My first though was my firewall is causing an issue but 98 gets through fine.

Also i have dont have the hostintergration package only sna 95 and nt version but he uses the 95 version and seems fine.

also he says pmc_sna1(the server it self) ip address s while the domain is pmc_sna i am not sure what goes where.
briankeeganAuthor Commented:
i added the lhmosts file and i still got the nap not started error.
I can ping there server
With the lmhosts file i can even ping by name pmc_sna1

I stil get the eror though.
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briankeeganAuthor Commented:
Is it possible default security settings from system policy? Was thinking that would affect win2k machines and not my 98 machines
I was hoping some other experts might jump in here. I'm really rusty on SNA networking...

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briankeeganAuthor Commented:
it seems we were using a win95 sna server client , same as the most oter people were using acording to the remote admin.
i tried a winnt version cause i am using win2k that also failed but we found a win9x one and that semed to work

seeing as lrmorre tried to help i will just give him the points for it .
Thanks!  <8-}
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