Auto detecting PRI Master is slow

I have a PC that takes a long time (>1 minute) during the BIOS Phase "Auto detecting PRI master" Other PCs pass this stage almost instantly. There is only one device on the primary bus. BIOS is set to auto detect. Is there something I can do to speed up the boot process? When detected the system appears OK but bios just recognizes the device as an IDE device and does not identify the disk type as on other systems.
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I think the problem is with your cd unit.  

Do the following:  disconnect all but HDD. It should boot faster now.

make sure HDD´s jumpers are set to Master (see jumper configuration, most probably printed on top of HD.)

if not, try playing around with jumper settings (Master, Slave, Cable Select)

Ok now connect everything back again but (if there is space) try to leave HDD alone in IDE1 and change everything else to secondary ide IDE2.

Last if all else failed: go into cmos config, look for an option that is something like IDE HDD detect.  Do that. Now (if ok) in main config view HDD should be set from AUTO to something else (LBA 40gb CSH etc etc).
If no auto detect option then click enter directly on the main conf. screen, on top of HDD where it says auto detect.  It should "auto detect" it and  provide correct setting.

Good Luck!
If it does this with other drives, I would reset the CMOS.  If that doesn't work, change the CMOS battery - it may be getting low.
paulcroninAuthor Commented:
The other devices including a slave hard disk are detected instantly after the PRI master is detected
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You may have a problem disk connected.  Try swapping disks in to see if you can isolate it.
make sure the cables are in all the way, firmly
you could manually set the drive parameters into the system, but as this seems to me to be a function of a failing harddrive
this will only bypass the real problem,

try to run a disk healt utility on the drive and see if it passes the tests
they are available from the hd makers website

paulcroninAuthor Commented:
Taking the advice from alcantar06 I disconnected the slave CD ROM on IDE1 and the system booted immediately. I then connected the removed CD ROM to IDE2 with the DVD, set them both to cable select and all is now well. Thanks a lot!
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