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I have a class called BookGroup which inheirits from collectionbase. The collection relates to Bookmark items. A bookmark is also a class.

My question is this: is it possible to retrieve the bookmarks parent i.e the bookgroup.

For instance I would like something like

Readonly Property Parent(bookMark as bmkBookMark) as bmkBookGroup
return 'How however I find the bookmarks related bookgroup here
End Get
End Property

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The_BiochemistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What about:
1) Creating a readonly property in the bookmark class such as 'public readonly property BookGroup() as string' for example.
2) Change the New method of Bookmark to something like 'New(ByVal BookGroup as string)'.
3) Use the new 'New' method to set the value of the variable associated with the BookGroup property

Then you will have an easily accessable method for getting the bookgroup.
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