FTP site not prompting for user name and pasword

I setup winsbs server 2003 with an FTP site however IE will not prompt for a user name and password. When I try to access the ftp site I get:
220 ftp server ready
530 invalid user

I have turned off anonymous login and still get the same error. What is the problem?
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It is normal with Internet Explorer. After you got that error, in the IE File menu will see other option, something like Logon As (I don't remember well).
cts001Author Commented:
That is easy enough Thank You I found that but it will not let me in as any user. How do I need to setup security to allow users to get in?
If you don't want to allow anonymous access you should use basic ftp authentication. That mode the local account and password will be used for authentication. If the server is part of the domain, the domain users and passwords are used.

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