How Do I Change Default Preview Pane Position?

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the Preview Pane default from being the right-side to being the bottom? I would like to do this in Both OWA and Microsoft Outlook 2003. It's much easier to navigate through your e-mails when they are more spread out, and most of my users prefer it on the bottom as well. I'm fairly fluent with the Office Maintenance Wizard, but I haven't found anything in there for it. Maybe a registry setting I could add to the group policy? I've also used the OWA Admin tool before, but I haven't seen anything in there for the Preview Pane position.
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Can't move it in OWA. You are stuck with it.

As for the full Outlook client, it is controlled by the following location:
There are a number of keys as each column is controller individually.

Having just gone through a large implementation of Outlook 2003 with a client, I considered making the same change, to ease the transfer between the two versions. I didn't for a number of reasons.
1. All the users were going through a brief training course. This course included adjusting Outlook's views for your liking. I didn't think it was fair to control this for them.
2. Outlook is the no 1 contact manager. Microsoft do not make changes without extensive research. Many people rave about the new layout, liking the way that it gives them more to read in the preview window.

After the implementation I would say that around half of the users have changed it - but not all to the bottom. I have seen all the positions used. You will always get those that can't be bothered to change, but for something silly like the layout, I don't believe in forcing it on the users if doesn't do any harm.


To change the view select Reading Page from the View menu and then select Bottom. Or, right-click the gray border around the Reading pane and select the Bottom option.  
Grime121Author Commented:
Ok, thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure if other people had considered doing this as well, but since there is no way to change it in OWA, and the registry edit would force it to be positioned at the bottom EVERY time they log in, I guess I will just leave it as it is. Thanks again.
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