Run Time viewer not converting rich text format (rtf)

I have an application that uses crystal reports runtime (I believe version 7) to display reports.  When it needs to display a database field that has stored rich text in it, the crystal reports window does not convert the rtf to text, but rather shows all of the rich text codes and language.  When I run it on a later version of Crystal (8.0) I can get it to run.


Is there a .dll anyone knows out there that is specific to Crystal 8.0 or greater that converts rich text to text that may be missing?  If that's not it, does anyone have any idea what else it could be?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know for certain but I'd be surprised if it worked.  I don't even know if the crpaig80 dll exists in version 7 - if it does you could always try renaming it and copying in the new one and see if it works...

To the best of my knowledge, CR7 and its viewers do not support RTF in the fields that was added in CR8.  No idea what dll it is or if it would be compatible with CR7.

The dll that handles this is Crpaig80.dll (from: ).

However I doubt that you can just drop in this dll and have your version 7 components work with it correctly.  For one thing there may be other dependancies in the rpt file itself that instruct the rendering engine to use this dll.  I doubt that you can get the correct instructions into the CR7 .rpt file and that even if you could that they would be recognized by the rendering engine.

MchrienAuthor Commented:

Sorry, I need to clarify.  All reports are written in version 8, it's just that they are being viewed by an older version (version 7).  So, does anyone know if you can replace version 7 .dlls without having to install a new version?
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To the best of my knowledge CR8 reports cannot be viewed in CR7 since the report format changed between CR7 and CR8.  You can save the report from CR8 to CR7 format but that makes it a CR7 report.

If you can build them in CR8 why do you need to view them with CR7?

crpaig80.dll doesn't exist for CR7.  There is a crpaig32.dll.

I just checked my CR7 reference and the CR7 help and neither mentions anything about rich text format in fields.  I know in CR8 it is on one of the format field tabs to treat the text as HTML or Rich Text.

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