How do I use Multiple Idapi files

We have to install our s/w on a client PC which already uses the BDE idapi.cfg, but our application requires different settings of the BDE.
How do I access another idapi.cfg file at run-time so I don't effect the existing application.
I am using delphi.
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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You could avoid using IDAPI.CFG at all. I believe this will help you out :

junebrownAuthor Commented:
Setting the alias isn't the problem I know how to do that.
It getting hold of things like the memsize/sharedmemsize.. (from system/init) and restoring them to 'our' preferred values.
I know I can set all these at run-time,but I wanted to know if I could just state  I want to use an idapi.cfg file from another directory in preference.
junebrownAuthor Commented:
I work out how to do via dbinit, customer now happpy
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