Bypass "there are still <x> connected to ...

i'm using a win 98 Se as fileserver, providing logon scripts to other computers in the workgroup for the drive mapping.
But every time i want to shut down my computer i got the folowing msg;
"There a still <x> users connected ..."
Well you probably know that message, of course i know no one is realy connected, it is only the fileshare and so on, but how shall i bypass that msg

because sometimes i'm ask an application to run and then shut down windows but it hangs on that msg
would a registry tweak like AutoEndingTasks be a solution ???

Thanks to everyone in advance

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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exits98 will fix it. Will force shutdown / reboot regardless of what is going on. Can schedule or use immediate.

Good luck

Chris B
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