Reposition Assembly with Weld Beads in SolidWorks

I created an assembly in Solidworks and added a bunch of weld beads.  I just realized that I need to reposition the entire assembly so that when I click on Front view I actually get a front view.  I unfixed all the piece parts so they are only mated to each other but I cannot unfix or float the welds.  Is there anyway to align the front face of my assembly with the front plane without deleting all my weld beads?
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kgerbChief EngineerAsked:
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This simplest way would be to display your desired new front view on the screen, hit the <Spacebar>, highlight "Front" in the dialog box, and then hit the center icon (Update standard views).

Longer methods..........
In most cases, re-mating the first piece in your assembly using planes should cause all the added pieces to rotate with the first. But the weld beads in SW are fairly new and don't have many options so they may also need their sketch planes modified.

It just may be simpler to model the weld bead shape, and add it as an additional part to the assembly.

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Do we still have a problem here????
kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry this Q has been open for so long.  Though I have not had a chance to actually try your suggestion I'm sure it will give me what I want.  Thank you for your expertise.  It is much appreciated

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