Change the SMTP and POP3 Name in Exchange 2003

Hello I am new to Exchange and need some help please.

I have a client that when they setup there exchange and IIS they used the name

So now if I was to telnet to the server IP port 25  the SMTP server responds back as

The client no longer has this domain they have a new domain now called

So if you were to ping it no longer will resolve.

The new domain is  

The MX record resolves fine.

So How do I make the change in Exchange so that the SMTP and POP3 will respond back as and Not

Hello I made this change smtp virtual server\delivery\fully-qualified domain name change the name
and still can not recieve email to my new domain name.

I had  the old domain set to and changed the domain to and restarted the SMTP service and still can not send email to

Can someone please help me.

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PLeclairConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add a recipient policy to exchange with the domain suffix, apply it to all users who need that address (just use the one filter called, "users with exchange mailboxes).  This will give everyone an e-mail that ends with  Then you have 2 choices, you can masquerade the domain name in IIS's SMTP configuration under the delivery tab, add the domain name to the masquerade field.

That should do it.
Only 1 choice actually.. you don't want to change the computer's hostname if it's a member of a domain.  I presume AD is configured to use as it's Domain Name?
EdwardVernierAuthor Commented:
Hi Yes my server AD is setup as, what can I do here. thanks for your help

Shoild I also do the IIS masquerade?
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Only change the IIS masquerade...
So follow my original answer because it still applies...

EdwardVernierAuthor Commented:

I have also made the changes below

inorder to receive emils for certain domain that smtp address must be added in ur
recipient policy for example if u want to recieve emails for that address
must be in ur recipient policy orelse ur exchange will refuse those emails destined
for function of recipient policy is to tell exchange to handle or accept
emails desyined for that domain).
U must also keep in mind that ABC domain must be registered and ur isp must
create an MX record A record and a PTR record pointing to ur public ip address.

EdwardVernierAuthor Commented:
How do you perform this step in IIS to masquerade the domain name in IIS's

I did not see SMTP configuration in IIS.

Thanks for your help on this
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