Convert OUtlook Notes to Individual Word Documents

Any Easy way (non-third party app) to take nearly 2000 notes imported from a user's PDA, and convert tham from Outlook notes (.msg format) to Word documents? Best I've found so far is simply selecting all the notes and dragging them to inbox, which makes them all one email message, which can then be saved via file, save as... and choosing .doc file type.

Unfortunately, the requirement is for individual docs; one for each Note.

The most promising 3rd party app solution I have seen is the ABC Amber Outlook converter from ProcessText group. Unfortunately, it puts a banner for the product at the bottom of each document (at least in the demo version).

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david_barkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Outlook's VBA (ALT-F11), create a module and paste this code :

Public Sub Test()
  Dim objNote As NoteItem
  Set myNamespace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
  Set myNotes = myNamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderNotes).Items
  For Each objNote In myNotes
    objNote.SaveAs "c:\temp\" & objNote.Subject & ".doc", OlSaveAsType.olRTF
  Next objNote
End Sub

You will be very close to what you are searching for, I hope.
I did a search on Google,  I have not use this application myself but check out:

Rob Turner
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shortengAuthor Commented:
That works great, David. Thanks!

That App also works well, looked at the demo version of it. I prefer the script, rather than go through the purchasing and software approval hoops at my company.
shortengAuthor Commented:
Additional requirement for this... Is there a way to make the date of the text file match the creation date of the Note?
As this is a fairly old question, I suggest you post another one with the new question.
I assume that this is way they want it to be done at EE !
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